African Fest USA is an independent collaborative of professionals for the advancement of African culture. Culturally and entertainment focused; African Fest USA invites and encourages artists, and other professionals to showcase their work and contribute to the ongoing conversation and action across the diaspora. From family stories told to children, to the written stories, entertainment is part of many cultures across Africa, with distinct stories in each country. The cultures, identities, and people of Africa are holders of a unique individual and continental story. Africa’s story is yet to be told on a global stage. AFU can play a critical part in introducing African culture to the citizens of Arizona.

African Fest is Story in Motion

We are storytellers; each participant and contributor is a holder of a unique tale, and their art an expression of the story. AFU is the result of the thought, creativity, and art of the individuals that are part of the festival and who tell their unique stories. The initiative is a story in motion told through a variety of foods, entertainment, seminars, festivals, and trainings connecting Arizona. Every bit of music, food, and entertainment distinctly presented at the festival is intended to offer the citizens of Arizona a cultural exchange.