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Vendors are an important part of the image of the Festival. We are committed to selecting a variety of African food based on in state availability, service, crafts and merchandise vendors to be part of our Festival. There will be several locations throughout the Festival grounds where vendors will be stationed. There will be local and international African vendors providing a variety of products and tests for all guests to enjoy.

Vendors are first come, first considered. Contact us as soon as possible to discuss how we can incorporate you into the Festival.

We are looking for

  • Food Vendors
  • Retail Vendors
  • Artists/Crafters
  • Service Providers

We believe that the experience is the defining element of the Festival and Vendors play a key part in determining how visitors will spend their time. To provide an enjoyable experience for vendors and visitors, we carefully consider products and services provided by everyone. If approved, we will follow up with details on how to sign-up for our many available spaces.

Vendor Information

You are invited to apply to participate in African Fest USA 2020. , African Fest USA 2020 is possible thanks to the strong support of the City of Tempe and Tempe Center for the Arts, JC Printing, Epic Party rental, Boomerang-Digital, Cafe Lalibela and more. Showcasing the cultures, achievements, and talents of Africans and the African diaspora. The day will be filled with fashion shows, live music, performances on stages, food and cultural products. All vendors wishing to participate must first fill out the application and pay the booth fee before vending at the festival. Limited space is available for vendors. Applications and products are accepted on their own merit and a first-come, first-considered basis. Once a decision has been made, applicants will receive notification by email.


  • All vendors are subject to pay a non-refundable $200 fee except service providers and nonprofit organizations
  • All service providers and nonprofit organization please contact us for detail information
  • Payment deadline on the total fee amount is required in full by Sunday March 15, 2020

Please do not pay until your application is approved.

Making Payments

Credit/Debit card payments can be made online:via PayPal and sent to: africanfestusa@gmail.com or by check. Please include your business name in the memo of your check. Make all checks payable to African Fest USA and mail :

African Fest USA
#26168 – 233 E Southern Ave
Tempe, AZ 85282

Food or non food items to sell

• Staffing of your booth
• Promotion of event to your customer database
• Napkins, plates, serving utensils, serving gloves, etc., if needed
• Your business logo
• General Liability Insurance
• Decor for your booth
• Compliance with Maricopa County Enviromental Services Department health codes

  • 10’x10′ area tent no wall
  • (1) one 8′ table with black linen, (2) chairs
  • Hand washing station
  • Basic electrical power (please bring extension cords), specify if more than basic power is needed
  • Food Vendors 4 Wristbands for your staff working your booth
  • Non Food Vendors 2 Wristbands for your staff working your booth
  • Event banner sign for your booth


Set up on Saturday March 28, 2020 @9.00 am. All vendors must be moved in and partially set up by 10:30am. For food vendors Maricopa County Environmental Services Department & City of Tempe fire the safety inspectors will be touring the festival grounds starting at 10:30am. It is understood that your power, food prep and main infrastructure are to be set up by 10:45am including all vehicles removed and off-site. Vendors may not break down their booth prior to the end of the festival. Vendors are fully responsible for their displays including robbery, fire, and acts of nature.

Load-in: Detailed instructions regarding load-in will be emailed prior to the festival.
Check-in:Upon arrival and prior to set-up, all registered vendors must check-in at the registration area which will be located at event site. At check-in, you will be assigned your booth space.


Booth fee includes one white 10×10 tent, one 6’ table, two folding chairs is = $200. If you have not already done so, please complete the application process by paying for your booth. At this time, you may also choose to purchase electricity, additional tables & chairs or a second booth, if needed.

Additional 6’ tables: $10 each
Additional folding chairs: $2 each
Additional 10×10 booth: $100 each
Electricity: $50


Vendors must have visibly displayed in the front of their station any licenses, certifications, and permits required by the City of Tempe. The collection and filing of all related taxes is the sole responsibility of each individual vendor. The City of Tempe has a tax rate of 8.6%. It is required that all participants provide festival management with an Arizona Business Tax License Number. You can apply for a number at (602) 542-4576. All food vendors must provide a food permit number. You can apply Online at www.maricopa.gov/4996/Applications-Forms

The festival does not provide lighting or any cooking oil trash receptacles, mops, brooms or
additional cleaning equipment. The festival does not provide water, however, the park does have potable water.The festival cannot assist in heating of water, so please plan ahead if you need water.

Various elements of the festival will be photographed or videotaped. Your agreement to participate in the festival will serve as acknowledgment of consent for you, your volunteers and staff photographs/videos to be used for promotional or news media purposes at the discretion of African Fest USA Festival.

Staff wristbands will be given during vendor check-in. 4 maximum wristbands, per booth, will be given to each vendor.
Vendors and their staff must wear wristbands at all times.Please make sure you do not lose your wristbands.


All participating restaurants must adhere to the Maricopa Health Department Food Preparation Guidelines. The Health Department will be on-site the day of the event inspecting booths for compliance in the areas below. Attached also you will find a summary of the Health Department requirements. The Maricopa Health Department will not permit restaurants in non-compliance to serve on-site at the event.
– Metal Probe Thermometer with range of 0º F to 220º F°(calibrate prior to using)
– Hair restraints (cap, hair net, or hair pulled back)
– Non-latex gloves
– Smooth easily cleanable cutting boards
– Food grade plastic wrap for covering food
– Adequate hot and cold holding equipment; and cooking or re-heating equipment
– Source for fresh water and wastewater disposal
– Pallets, boxes or shelves for food storage
– Covered trash container(s)

Certificate of insurance is required on or before February 25, 2020. Please email to: infoafu19@gmail.com
Additionally Insured: Both entities below must be included:
– City of Tempe City of Tempe 31 East 5th Street Tempe, AZ 85281
-African Fest USA, 3712 W. Leodra Ln., Phoenix, AZ 85041.

There are no refunds for cancellations.

African Fest USA is a rain or shine festival. In the event of cancellation due to severe weather, credits
or refunds will not be granted.

– All vendors will conduct their business in a professional manner. Behavior by vendors judged to
be disruptive or detrimental to the peaceful operation of the festival shall not be allowed.
– Any unsafe or unsanitary conditions should be brought to the immediate attention of the festival
manager or vendor coordinator.
– The City of Tempe and African Fest USA are not responsible for damage or loss or any personal
or business belongings. Including money or product.


• Your booth will consist of: 1) table, (1) chair, (1) 10′ x 10′ tent.
• Any vendor who has purchased a double booth will get (2) 10′ x 10′ tents, (2) tables and (2) chairs.
• Extra tables and chairs are available for rent. Tables: $10 each; Chairs: $2 each. Please contact Lisa (infoafu19@gmail.com) if you need extra tables and chairs.
• The festival does not provide water, lighting or any cooking oil trash receptacles, mops, brooms or additional cleaning equipment. Vendors must supply their own tablecloths, sanitary serving gloves, napkins, plates, serving utensils, sampling cups, sampling toothpicks, etc., if needed. Each food vendor must provide a sanitary hand washing station at his or her tent as required by Maricopa County Environmental Services Dept.
• All vendors must provide their own water for their hand washing stations and for heating and drinking. Potable water is available on festival grounds for the handwashing stations.
• Vendors may not break down their booth prior to the end of the festival.


All food vendors serving and sampling food must have the proper thermometer, permitting and hand washing stations, per the health department. If you do not have the correct set up, you will be fined by the health inspector and may not be allowed to participate. African Fest USA holds no responsibility for the compliance or permitting of vendors. No refunds or exchanges will be given to vendors. Please see the below links with any questions you still may have about this topic:


You will receive a booth number and booth assignment at check in. All booths will be labeled and numbered so it is easy to find on the day of event. All vendors will be assigned to a vendor associate and can assist you with anything you may need the day of the event.They also will be making sure you have the proper permitting as well as the proper set up for food sampling throughout the event.

Please note all booth assignments are made at the discretion of festival management and all decisions are final.


Waste materials shall not contain any hazardous materials, wastes or substances; toxic substances, wastes or pollutants; contaminants; pollutants; infectious wastes; medical wastes; or radioactive wastes (collectively, “Excluded Waste”), each as defined by applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations (collectively, “Applicable Laws”). DO NOT discard: drums, paint, solvents, chemicals or other such materials which would be considered flammable or explosive or other materials not permitted to be disposed of at the designated disposal facility. All cooking liquids and oils that are brought in by a vendor, must also be brought out by the vendor. There is no cooking liquid or oil trash receptacles on the festival grounds. Any vendor caught disposing of cooking liquids or oils on site, will be fined $500 from African Fest USA and fined $500 by the State of Arizona/City of Tempe and will not be asked back to participate.


Call Lisa Rapps, the Vendor Coordinator: 602-562-7062 or email infoafu19@gmail.com

 Vendor Application Form